Igor Kuzin (Boroda)

I am an independent specialist with extensive experience in technical support of show programs and the night club industry. My main services include the sale, lease, installation and maintenance of equipment, and the technical supervision of projects and events. A Sole Proprietor since 2008, my state registration number is 308774628201044.

I have developed and implemented technical projects for the clubs PAPA JOHN?, XIII, Teatralnaya Kvartira, FIRST, and PACHA Moscow; and the restaurants Limontella, Sahara, Voualya, Bulka, Bufet, Muar, Zatura-Bar, Jolly Dog, and others. I also participated as an external expert in the completion of projects such as Serdtse, KOKON, Sufle, CIRCUS, Na Lestnitse, Meison-Cafe, Mon Plaisir casino, Nota karaoke clubs, and many others. I acted as Technical Director of the XIII club before its reorganization, and am currently Technical Director of the PACHA Moscow club.

For quite some time, I collaborated with the ORGANISED KAOS promotion company, and have been head of technical support for L&M World Wide Clubbing, MURATTI, Flagman — Nochnoi Desant, BACCARDI Caribbean Nights on river cruisers, BECK and Marlborro parties, and concerts in Moscow by Faithless, Rosin Murphy, Gorillaz, etc.

You can find me at various events, presentations and shows in Moscow?s best clubs and boutiques — any place where there is need for high-quality professional technical services. So if you need any equipment, or you?re in search of a technical solution for your project, or the artists or DJs you invited presented a rider for equipment you know nothing about — just send an e-mail request to:

Mail: boroda-13@rambler.ru

We will definitely call you back and offer the most expedient solution. Whatever you need — a night club event, a concert program, or simply a couple of loudspeakers and a microphone for a press conference — you will get it all on the best terms. Various DJ equipment, lighting sets and sound equipment are always on hand at our warehouse. Large-scale events will be conducted in strict compliance with the prearranged specifications for each technical project.

I have done much recent work on installing sound, lighting and video equipment in restaurants, clubs and cafes, as well as setting up home theater and multi-room systems in private apartments and houses. I am head of the sound department at Promtekhnologiya Engineering, offering a full range of weak-current installations: sound, video, security and fire alarm systems, satellite TV and Internet.

I wish total success and many colorful events to all my Customers and Partners!
Igor (Boroda).